Fast Rise Time MFDC

Our Fast Rise Time MFDC power supply provides an alternative to traditional capacitive discharge welding (CDW).
The FRT-MFDC power supply can be used for all types of resistance welding applications but is ideal for mass-produced projection/stud welded parts in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, medical, industrial, and many other markets.

Increased Productivity & Reduced Operating Costs

RoMan’s FRT-MFDC transformers provide many benefits,
such as:

  • Increased Productivity—More parts per minute
  • Lower operating and labor force cost
  • Unlike CDW, the RoMan FRT-MFDC can provide custom current wave shapes
  • Easier removal of metal coating (breaks through coating) than CDW (Using custom wave shape)
  • Uses standard weld controls, where CDW is control
    brand sensitive
  • Can be re-used or repurposed as needed—CDW lacks
    this flexibility
  • Smaller transformers than CDW machines, requires
    less space
  • FRT has proven to be less expensive in many applications compared to the CDW process

Our FRT-MFDC power supply features:

  • 650 Volt, 1,000 Hz
  • 225 KVA @ 50% duty cycle
  • Secondary no load DC voltage of 13.0 & 17.5 volts
  • Thermostat protection
  • Secondary pick-up coil
  • Fully encapsulated to ensure long life
  • Water-cooled, 15 L.P.M. (4 G.P.M.) minimum @ 30°C
  • Weight: 50 kilograms (110 lbs)