RoMan Manufacturing is a dynamic company. Our success is based on a philosophy of personal integrity, employee achievement, superior product design and quality. We are proud of our position as a global industry leader, and even more so of the people who have helped us achieve that success. Contact if you are interested in being part of our success and our Team!

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Join a thriving team at RoMan Manufacturing, where personal integrity, employee achievement, and superior product design drive our success. Visit our Paycom careers page to discover diverse opportunities and streamline your application process. Build a rewarding future with us today!

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“I am very fortunate to work with, and learn from such a skilled and knowledgeable team at RoMan.”

Nicole Glasco

“RoMan is a great family owned business that has given me the opportunity to grow my skills and advance my career. It’s been a great 24 years!”

Eben Briggs

“As I embark on my 39th year at RoMan, a constant has been the integrity shown by the company founders now extending to the second and third generations of leadership. Their regard for employees and customers is impressive.”

Mike Pawloski

“Working for RoMan Manufacturing has been a rewarding opportunity that has provided a genuine opportunity for growth.”

Michael Dean


Health Plan

RoMan offers a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA). 100% employer paid!


RoMan provides dental coverage for all employees and dependents. 100% employer paid!


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and work-life/well-being resource is offered to our employees and their dependents at no cost.

Profit Sharing

RoMan offers both a profit sharing plan and 401k plans.

Short Term Disability

RoMan provides 100% employer paid Short Term Disability (STD). In the event an employee finds themselves needing to use STD the benefit covers 60% of your weekly earnings up to $500/week.

Paid Vacation

RoMan offers paid vacation and 10 Company Paid Holidays.

Flextime Hours

We offer a flexible start time between 4 am – 7 am. In addition, flextime is available for personal reasons such as doctor and dentist appointments.


Does RoMan provide paid health care for dependents?

Yes, RoMan’s medical and dental plans are available to all dependents at no charge to the employee. RoMan offers a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Enrolling in the HDHP allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars into a HSA to pay for eligible healthcare related expenses.

HSA’s are a benefit that has a HSA Triple Tax Advantage

Contributions are tax-deductible, so they reduce your federal income taxes owed. Assets in your HSA account typically grow tax-free, at least at the federal level. Funds can be withdrawn without being taxed by Uncle Sam if you use them for qualified medical expenses.

Does RoMan’s plan cover preventative medical procedures?

Yes, Preventative services outlined in the Preventive Health Care Guidelines are covered at 100%!

What if I don’t need medical insurance?

If you are covered by another plan, RoMan offers an opt-out stipend.

Does RoMan provide PPE equipment?

Yes, RoMan reimburses employees a percentage of the cost of safety shoes and glasses. Job specific PPE is provided at no cost.

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