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RoMan is an industry-leading manufacturer of AC water-cooled transformers and DC Power Supplies and related specialty products used in resistance welding; melting, boosting, refining and forming of glass; and vacuum and atmospheric furnace applications.

As a manufacturer of high-current, low-voltage power sources, we use the finest materials available to offer thousands of design and customized options built to the highest quality standards and to your specific industry and application requirements. And all of our products are backed-up by a unique and industry leading warranty on all of our equipment.

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We also provide you value-added, application-centric technical support and industry specific application engineering services.

Our products and services have made us the choice of hundreds of companies throughout the world.

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There is a global need to increase productivity, while reducing labor and equipment costs for Projection Welding and Hot Stamp (Press Hardened Materials) for Aluminum, Advanced High-Strength Steel and Exotic Metals. This presentation will explain features and benefits of the newest Fast Rise Welding technology developed by RoMan Manufacturing—FRT-MFDC. Capacitive Discharge Welding technology and FRT-MFDC technologies will be compared.


The four most common reasons for MFDC power supply failures are overloading, lack of coolant water, leaking coolant water, and double grounding. However, before assuming that welding issues are caused by a failure of the MFDC power supply, two very simple test should be conducted. The Diode Test and the Standard MFDC Function Test will verify that the MFDC is functioning properly and it is not the cause of the welding issues; or that the MFDC is not functioning, and it is the cause of the welding issue.

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With the need to produce lighter weight vehicles, the switch from conventional steel applications to aluminum is beginning to take hold in the automotive industry. While Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) of aluminum is nothing new to the auto industry, until now it has been used in lower production rate vehicles or batch build closure applications. To meet the demand of CAFÉ standards, there is need to use it on high production lines.

Blog Post

As the cost of electrical energy continues to rise, manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce power consumption—energy lost in transmission. In this Energy Savings study, we assess how to do that.