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Automotive Resistance Welding

RoMan resistance welding transformers are used by automobile manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world. We offer what no one else in the automotive industry does: thousands of design solutions to meet your specific needs. In addition, unlike other companies, our transformers can be integrated with any brand of controls, weld-guns or robotic systems.The size and capability of our units can be designed to meet your application’s requirements.

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Industrial Resistance Welding

As the pioneer of water-cooled Industrial resistance welding transformers, we offer a wide range of products. You can choose from multiple standard products types such as: fixture, machine, transgun or portable gun transformers or we can design and manufacture a model to meet your precise application specifications. They can be built to any AWS, RWMA, ISO or CE specifications from 5 to 5,000 KVA.

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Our water-cooled transformers are optimized for the melting, boosting, refining and forming of glass. They can be installed next to the heat source—increasing the power factor and reducing energy, component costs and space needs. Because they are much smaller than conventional
air- and oil-cooled units, they can be placed next to where energy is needed most, eliminating harmonics and heat dissipation and increasing your system’s power factor.

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We are one of the leading manufacturers of AC water-cooled transformers and DC Power Sources for the furnace industry. As a manufacturer of high-current, low-voltage power sources we offer multiple design options linked to your preferred power controller. Unlike our competitors, our water-cooled transformers are much smaller, allowing them to be placed next to where energy is needed most.

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Our DC Power Supply/Rectifier Systems are designed to provide longer service life in corrosive plating environments due to complete epoxy encapsulation which also eliminates contamination from dust, debris and condensation. Because of their smaller footprint, our DC Power Supplies/Rectifiers can be closely-coupled to the plating bath eliminating long and expensive copper bus.