RoMan is an industry-leading manufacturer and global supplier of AC water-cooled transformers and DC power supplies and related specialty products used in resistance welding; melting, boosting, and forming of glass; and vacuum and atmospheric furnace heat treating applications. We also provide technical support and engineering services.


RoMan water-cooled transformers are optimized for the melting, boosting, and forming of glass. They are smaller in size than conventional air-cooled and oil-cooled units, so they can be installed (closely coupled) next to the heat source. Close coupling reduces energy consumption, component costs and space needs. It also eliminates harmonics and heat dissipation, while increasing the system’s power factor. RoMan offers multiple design options and integration with IGBT controls, or any other type of power control.

Semi Conductor

At RoMan Manufacturing, our advanced power supply systems are specifically engineered for the semiconductor crystal growth industry, offering unparalleled precision and reliability. Our product offerings include high-efficiency, water-cooled transformers, DC power supplies, air-cooled magnetics, and cutting-edge IGBT and SCR technologies, complemented by copper buss bars and water-cooled cables. Designed for compactness and energy efficiency, these systems significantly reduce operational costs and space requirements. They also feature adjustable outputs for precise control and are compatible with process control systems or SCADA, aligning with industry 4.0 and IoT initiatives. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our partners in the semiconductor market receive the most advanced and reliable power solutions for their critical manufacturing processes.

Transformer Repair Services

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