AC Ground Reactors

RoMan’s AC Ground Reactors ensure safety during the heating process by providing protection from electrical shock when direct grounding of the secondary circuit is not practical. Grounding reactors are available in multiple sizes and voltages.

Grounding Reactor Selection Table

Select the appropriate grounding reactor by:

  1. Determine the maximum secondary voltage of the welding transformer to be protected.
    See Column 1 of Selection Table.
  2. Determine the ampere rating of the fuse or circuit breaker installed in the primary circuit to protect the welding transformer.
    See Column 2 of Selection Table.
  3. Select type of connection desired.
    See Column 3 of Selection Table.
  4. To request a quote on a single Grounding Reactor, click the "Model Number" link.
    To request a quote on multiple Grounding Reactors, check the "GET QUOTE" box(s) and press the Quote Request button.
Get Quote Maximum Secondary Voltage Fuse Ampere Rating Type of Connections Model Number Approx KVA Rating at 50% Duty Cycle Required Ground Conductor Size Weight (LBS) Drawing (PDF)
240V 480V
Up to 24 Volts / 60 Hz Up to 300 Amp #4 AWG Leads RGR 24 / 4-1099 75 150 #4 AWG CU 18 R1474
Up to 28 Volts / 60 Hz Up to 500 Amp #2 AWG Leads RGR 28 / 2-1152 150 300 #2 AWG CU 27 R1474
Up to 34 Volts / 60 Hz Up to 500 Amp #2 AWG Leads RGR 34 / 2-1513 150 300 #2 AWG CU 31 R1474

See NEC Table 250-95 for required ground conductor size in respect to rating of overcurrent device.
The proper sizing, application, installation and wiring of the grounding reactor is the sole responsiblity of the user.

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