ERTi IGBT/MFDC Power System

RoMan’s digital IGBT Controls and MFDC Transformers offer a technologically advanced and innovative power system for electrically powered heat-treating equipment. The system is designed for balanced electrical delivery and optimal heating. It replaces bulky and inefficient air-cooled transformers and VRT’s with smaller and highly efficient units that can be closely coupled — mounted next to the power feed throughs, increasing overall system efficiencies while minimizing costly secondary cabling.

• DC output that allows lower secondary voltage and reduced primary power

• Fully integrated power control solutions

• Programmable supply voltage

• Predictive maintenance information

• Robust, proven long life controls

• I/O compatible with multiple solid-state interface options

• PLC passed HMI touch screen for easy setup and operation

• RoMan water-cooled transformers are smaller and lighter than old VRT systems

• Reduced size and weight delivers electrical efficiencies

• Mechanically mount in any orientation

• Optimized secondary-connection and bus work are available

*ERTi -600 bundle—transformer and control in common cabinet

*ERTi -1200 Remote—transformer mounted near heating element, control in cabinet)

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