Reversing DC RDC-8030

Ideal for welding aluminum and special steel applications where polarity considerations are necessary, RoMan’s patented* water-cooled Reversing MFDC power supplies are lightweight and can be used in robotic welding in a variety of applications in industries, such as: Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and many other markets. Benefits include, longer electrode life, nugget growth location, longer tip cutter life and faster cycle time.
*Patent D791,847

Due to the special nature of this product, please contact RoMan for application assistance and guidance.

• 650 Volt, 1,000 Hz

• 225 KVA @ 50% duty cycle

• Secondary no load DC voltage of 13 volts

• Over-temperature thermoswitch protection

• Secondary pickup coil

• Fully epoxy encapsulated to ensure long life

• Water-cooled 15 L.P.M. (4 G.P.M.) minimum @ 30°C max inlet temperature

• Current capacity: up to 32 kA

• Weight: 46 kg (102 lbs.)

• Also available in 500 & 800 Volt, 1,000 Hz


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