Secondary Circuit Resistance - How to Calculate and Measure

This webinar is presented by Don DeCorte, Vice President at RoMan Manufacturing and a 40 year veteran in the Resistance Welding market. This is the second in a series being offered by RoMan to help customers understand the secondary circuit of the resistance welding process. Don will present the basics of secondary circuit resistance. What is resistance? What affects resistance in the secondary? What things can we do to minimize resistance and add efficiency to the resistance welding circuit. What is the difference between resistance, reactance, and impedance, in the secondary circuit? Don will demonstrate and discuss the basics of what is resistance, how to calculate, measure, and understand the electrical resistance of the secondary circuit. This webinar will lead into the next webinar which will cover secondary reactance and eventually lead to impedance. The webinar will be aprox. 30 minutes long and then an open Q&A will immediately follow.


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