RoMan Welcomes Niels Johnson!

Working for an industrial supplier many years back, one of his best (and favorite) customers was a resistance welding equipment manufacturer / machine-builder called LORS Machinery.  The owner of the company was looking for a new salesperson and approached him about joining them.  They hired him and the rest is history.  He handled sales and marketing on the equipment manufacturing / machine-builder side of resistance welding for almost a dozen years, with RoMan as a key supplier; customers making everything including steel fire doors, furniture, wiring harnesses, and aircraft parts.  The opportunity came to be part of the excellent team here at RoMan and he jumped at it.


For the past decade he has also been heavily involved in the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA) and standing committee of the American Welding Society (AWS), which he currently serves as Vice Chair.  At RWMA, he works to lead and promote the industry through efforts like development of the new Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) standard from the American Welding Society, revising the Resistance Welding Manual, and much more.  Through RWMA, he has been fortunate to get to know many of the machine builders in the industrial resistance welding space, as well as manufacturers of the accessories and consumables, from controls to chillers to electrodes.


It is hard to pin down what he loves about resistance welding, and manufacturing environments in general.  He loves the “How It’s Made™” aspect of day-to-day life, often finding new and cool applications for resistance welding or brazing processes in the industrial arena.  One of his real joys is getting to see factories humming, especially old ones.  Yes, the old ones aren’t laid out as efficiently, however there’s just something to the wood block floors, and especially the multi-story plants in older industrial cities.  He loves supporting US and global manufacturing.


Niels lives in New Jersey with his wife and his three kids, aged between 4 and 7.  In his spare time he enjoys driving kids to sports practice, scout meetings, and birthday parties; keeping a smile on his face when they say, “Hey dad, watch this!” and jumping off of something way too high that they shouldn’t be climbing in the first place, and teaching his kids to “spot” resistance welds.

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