RoMan's COO Shares his thoughts on the current manufacturing climate

Well, 2021 is in the record books now and we look forward to a much brighter 2022.  Unfortunately, we all continue to carry forward some baggage from 2021.  Those bags are called COVID, Labor Shortages, and Supply Chain.


As it relates to the supply chain we continue to manage the daily surprises that arise for which no one has been able to provide good visibility to what is coming.  The rampant price increases are bad enough, but the real struggles are with the shortages in the supply chains.  The shortages seem to be coming from a variety of places, and when some industries are down others are up and vice versa.  There are pockets and glimmers of hope from time to time.  But as of this writing, all the articles, economists, and reports we are reading indicate that the supply chain issues we are all wrestling with will persist well into the middle of this new year.  Needless to say, all these headwinds have caused us to look at our business through a different set of lenses, and we must continue to be creative to address the many issues and provide our customers with the great products they have been accustomed to from RoMan.  The fight goes on!

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