Size 6 MFDC Fast Rise Time (FRT) TDC-7537

Ideal for heavy gauge aluminum, steel, spot and projection welding applications, RoMan’s Fast Rise Time MFDC power supply provides an alternative to traditional capacitive discharge welding (CDW), and it has proven to be less expensive in many applications when compared to the CDW process. While it can be used for all types of resistance welding applications, it is ideal for mass-produced projection/stud welded parts in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, medical, industrial, and many other markets.

• 650 Volt, 1,000 Hz

• 225 KVA at 50% Duty Cycle

• Secondary no load DC voltages of 13.0 and 17.5 volts

• Over-temperature thermoswitch protection

• Secondary pickup coil

• Fully epoxy encapsulated to ensure long life

• Water-cooled 15 L.P.M (4 G.P.M.) @ minimum of 30°C max inlet temperature

• Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs.)

   • Also available in 500 & 800 Volt, 1,000 Hz



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