Boosting Transformers

Because of their smaller size, RoMan’s water-cooled boosting transformers can be placed directly next to the forehearth, or above/below existing catwalks, helping to maintain optimum temperature of flowing glass. This design eliminates the need for costly long copper cables runs to large air-cooled transformer rooms. Our transformers can be integrated with IGBT controls, or with any type of controllers and saturable reactors. RoMan also provides complete steelworks for transformer mounting.

  • Single Phase
  • Three Phase (Delta to Wye, Delta to Delta, Wye to Wye, Wye to Delta, Engineered Solutions, Scott-T)
  • Isolation Type
  • Auto Type
  • Interphase
  • Multi Pulse
  • Step Up
  • Step Down
  • Frequency Range: 40 – 2,000 Hz
  • Fully encapsulated to ensure long life
  • KVA Range: 1 kVA to 15MVA
  • Can be integrated with our IGBT controls, or with any brand of controllers and Saturable Reactors
  • Smart transformer accessories available include CT’s, PT’s, Thermocouples, and Flow Switches, for integration into the top-level control system for system analysis.
  • Typically, all Copper Windings

Common SCOTT-T Connections

Common Delta & WYE Connections

Transformer Repair Services

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