Fixture Type

Fixture Type water-cooled transformers are ideal for multi-spot welding fixtures. Designed to have industry standard RWMA staggered secondary lugs, 3/8 – 16 studs for primary voltage connection, multiple selections for frequencies and secondary voltages, with primary access on five sides, over temperature thermoswitch and 1/4 – 18 NPT water connections.  The size and capability of our Fixture Transformer units can be designed to meet your application’s requirements. Our standard Fixture type transformers feature:

  • KVA Range:  25 KVA – 200 KVA (rated at 50% duty cycle)
  • Primary Voltages:
    • 400 Volts, 50Hz
    • 480 Volts, 60Hz
    • 575 Volts, 60Hz
  • Fully encapsulated to ensure long life
  • Optional accessories:
    • Secondary Parallel Bar Kit
    • Secondary Series Bar Kit
    • Grounding Reactors
    • Available remotely mounted Switchgear / Tap Switch
    • Over temperature thermoswitches