Transgun water-cooled transformers are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for robotic and fixture spot welding applications. Designed for close coupled mounting in welding guns. Available in various voltage and frequencies. Size and capability of our Transgun Transformers can be designed to meet your application’s requirements. Our standard Machine Type transformers feature:

  • KVA Range: 35 KVA to 136 KVA (rated at 50% duty cycle)
  • Primary Voltages:
    • 240 Volts, 60 Hz
    • 480 Volts, 60 Hz
    • 575 Volts, 60 Hz
  • Flat secondary pads
  • Over-temperature thermoswitches
  • Fully encapsulated to ensure long life
  • Optional accessories:
    • Special secondary pads
    • Secondary shunt adaptors
    • Secondary pick-up coil