Specifically designed for industrial use—switchgear provide long operating life with low maintenance requirements. Available in single or multi-phase configurations from 600-1,600 amps, the size and capability of our Switchgear can also be designed to meet specific application requirements.


100 - 600 AMP Switch
Single-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA00291
Multi-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA00292
Single-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA00293
Multi-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA00294
800 - 1000 AMP Switch
Single-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA60000
Multi-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA60001
Single-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA60002
Multi-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA60003
1200 AMP Switch
Single-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA60004
Multi-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA60005
Single-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA60006
Multi-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA60007
1600 - 2500 AMP Switch
Single-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA60008
Multi-Phase Rotor / Rotor Drawing (PDF) RSA60009
Single-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA60010
Multi-Phase Series / Parallel Drawing (PDF) RSA60011

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